Terms Of Service

Commissioning us means that you accept our Terms. Please read them all carefully.

There are cats and dogs living in my home, though they are kept out of the room I work in, I cannot keep their fur off of everything. If you are extremely allergic, please let us know. We will vacuum the suits and everything before shipping to reduce dander but we cannot remove it all.


We require a 25% non-refundable down payment to claim your position in the queue. For us to begin working we require 50% of your quote. After I have begun working and finish half of your suit, I will ask for 75% of your quote. The remainder of your quote (plus shipping) will be requested when the suit is ready to be shipped. If at any time you are unaware of your remaining balance, feel free to ask and we will let you know. If you are unable to pay the 75% of the quote, suit work will be put on hold until you are able to pay. The suit will not be shipped until we have received the full payment. Please make sure you are financially secure before commissioning us.
We accept cash (in person), PayPal (with a 3% handling fee to cover processing taxes. If this fee is not included, only the actual payment received after fees will be counted towards your final quote balance), Google Wallet, and cashier’s checks (these need time to clear first before we begin so this method may slow down your suit process).

The 25% down payment terms do not apply to orders under $100. For orders under $100 the full payment is required in order for us to begin working.

You must be 18 years of age to place an order with us. If you are younger, your parent or guardian must do it for you.

-Concept Art:
We would prefer that you give us a usable reference to work with in order to make the suit. The clearer it is, the better we are able to work with it and get you exactly what you desire. If there are any details that your reference does not have that you would like added to the suit, you are responsible for letting us know ahead of time in order for us to incorporate them in the suit. We are willing to work with you to make a usable reference if you do not have one.

For any full suit commission, we require a duct tape dummy to be made and sent to us. If you are unsure on how to make one, DontHugCacti has a great tutorial. Links to some other DTD tutorials can be found here and here.


If there are any materials in specific that you would prefer us to use, we ask that you send us links to the materials so we know what to order and if we need to charge any extra fees for specific materials.

-Measurements and requirements:
For Fursuit heads we require you to give us several measurements of your head that we will send you a diagram so you know exactly whats needed. Please make these as accurate as possible so that we can make the head fit you as perfectly as possible. We also require your shoe size and hand size (what size gloves do you normally get) so we can make the fit for these as accurate as possible. We also need a DTD of your full body if you're getting a full suit, or your legs and one arm if you're getting a 3/4 suit.

-Work in progress and update photos:
We will gladly send you progress photos as we work, but please know that this will slow down the production. If we haven’t sent a progress photo in a while and you would like to know how things are going, feel free to ask. We will normally send progress photos to make sure that you are happy with the way the project is going at that time. If you have any changes you would like us to make, let us know. Keep in mind, any big changes will set production back a bit so it will take longer for you to get your suit.

Shipping fee is not included in your base quote. The fee will be given to you after your suit has been packaged and weighed. We will usually ship with USPS (unless you ask for something else, but note that the shipping fee will probably be a bit higher) and require signature upon delivery. 

If you find for one reason or another that you no longer want to continue with your commission and cancel, please remember that if you have paid the 25% down payment, it is non-refundable. If your suit has begun work 50% of your quote is non-refundable and if you have received the suit, then 100% of the money you pay is non-refundable. This is NOT negotiable. This is to cover cost of labor and materials. If you cancel at 25% and we have purchased the materials, you may not request it to be sent to you, it now belongs to Galaxy Wolf Creations and this is part of the agreement you make when you commission us. 

-Last minute changes:
We would prefer that you do not make any large last minute changes, we will send you work in progress pictures to make sure you are okay with everything we have done so far. If there are any changes to be made, we ask you look carefully and let us know ahead of time before more work is done to make it harder to make changes. If the changes are really large, we may charge a slight fee if more materials need to be purchased in order to make the changes or if major modifications need to be made to work that’s already done.

-Completion dates:
We will do our very best to finish a suit by your completion dates but we cannot guarantee the suit will be finished by that date. If you have a con or event you would like the suit to be done before, we ask that you commission us well in advance. We put time and quality into all of our suits to make sure they are made well and will last you a long time. We will not rush a suit if it means lowering the quality of our suits.

When you pay the 25% non-refundable down payment, this will confirm your spot in the queue. The queue will be visible always and updated as soon as I can update it. When each commission is finished that name will be removed and I will continue onto the next name in my queue. For fairness of “first come first serve” we will not accept money in order to move you up on the list. If you have an event or con that you would like the suit by but we have a long queue, we will not be able to finish it in time more than likely.

We have no express warranty provided, however if there are any issues with the suit feel free to contact me and I will make a reasonable effort to assist you.


Galaxy Wolf Creations (Hereby known as GWC) reserves the right to refuse a commission for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • A full order/commission book, this is decided at GWC's discretion and commissions may be closed temporarily for this.

  • A current or ongoing personal or national emergency which limits working hours

  • Past interactions with a commissioner that have been unfavorable towards GWC

  • Any member who has been placed on the widely used "Artist/Commissioner Beware" or similar groups.

GWC Reserves the right to disclose any reasoning for refusing a commission or to refuse a commission before work begins on a suit. If payment has been received by this stage, this shall be refunded in part minus any work that has already been undertaken.

GWC reserves the right to share any work in progress pictures (wip) during the building process of the costume, as well as modeled pictures of the finished product on my website and or any social media site we see fit. We also reserve the right to use any pictures we take for promotion of our brand, suits, and business. 

The only exception to this rule is if the following applies:

  • The client wishes the pictures be delayed due to reveal of the costume being scheduled at a later date than completion. The pictures will only be delayed a maximum of 6 months after completion